ShockPad developed by GreenPax, LTD is environment friendly and made from recycled closed cell foam material.  It is manufactured under patent pending production system.

ShockPad is design to be used for fall protection under children playground devices with maximize comfort and safety, and for sport fields as a better sports functional properties throughout the entire year.

ShockPad can be installed directly on to most surfaces including ground, concrete, and gravel/sand asphalt.

We manufacture our ShockPad in sheets 100cm x 150cm and in variety of thicknesses from 10mm and up to 50mm.

GreenPlay - System

GreenPlay system is a combination of ShockPad and artificial grass with sand infill. The installation procedure is simple with excellent product performance, providing safe, comfortable and long-lasting artificial turf systems.


Excellent shock absorbing and cushioning properties.
Fall heights up to 2 meters with combinations of artificial turf and sand infill
Closed cell structure, up to 100% recycled closed cell foam material, low water absorption
Environmentally friendly, Non-toxic and recyclable
We inventory 35mm Artificial Turf.  Our turf is available in 25m length rolls that are either 2 or 4m wide.   We stock a variety of colors, including green, yellow, red, blue, white and purple.  Additionally, our turf can be purchased in quantities as little as a roll.

GreenPlay system tested and certifies according European EN 1177:2008